MINDRAKER: Background Anger

MINDRAKER: BACKGROUND ANGER is an eight-episode sci-fi mystery podcast – a surreal tale of love and betrayal, wrapped in an existential meditation on man’s relationship with the forces at war within himself.
Mankind is under attack. Alien beings have invaded the collective unconscious, influencing unsuspecting victims to act on their darkest instincts. Maru, a seemingly average man, is burdened by his clandestine duty as a psychic soldier in the fight against the ruthless invaders. But his dual existence has recently become further complicated by a Box of unimaginable power given to him by God.
Created, written and directed by Roy Burdine and Starring Sean Schemmel - Featuring Vinnie Pena, Greg Abbey, Whitton Frank, Michal Roxie Johnson, Richard Kingston, Zach Selwyn, Jerry Shultz, John Martin, Jason Burdine, Noel Rodrigo, Rachel Confrancisco, Brie Piper